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This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in to confirm your age. Watch Queue. Queue. Watch QueueQueue. Remove all. Ecco, con I mutilati Hermann Ungar assesta un colpo tale da mandare in frantumi Los mutilados, es un relato terrible sobre las perversiones y locuras más. Hermann Ungar was a Czech-Jewish writer (in the German language) and an officer in Czechoslovakia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Contents. 1 Biography; 2.

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Karl suspects his wife of having affairs and planning his murder.

The Maimed by Hermann Ungar. Everything hangs together with mesmerising glue: Early on the mood of this book reminded me somewhat of Dostoevsky or Kafka, but by the end things get so surreal that the works of Meyrink came to mind. De su entorno, aparecen el resto de personajes: Refresh and try again. Fear is hard to sustain before it turns into something else. And kudos to the translator for finding it appropriate to include the final chapter, which was omitted in the original version.

If you can find a copy, I highly recommend it for anyone who likes macabre psychological stories. I bet I would know every crack in that ceiling given enough time. There was a murder and someone was beaten to death.

Los mutilados

Jan 11, Rune Lindgreen rated it really liked it. But the others are sorrowful victims of their own self-imposed cages grasping for quickest way to feel powerful in hopes of garnering even the smallest moment of happiness. Polzer is twisted up inside to where he’s sexless because he doesn’t leave that room for anyone else.

The book comes with an essay that is insightful on the writer as well as background to Czech literary scene nugar the s. I liked it for its novelty, a novel exploring, excruciatingly, the short life story and psychosis of the supremely emasculated man.


Los mutilados – Hermann Ungar – Siruela | Editorial Herder MX

It’s hinted that this was explored with Karl at one time, but now Franz can only watch as Karl raves, suffers and slowly dies. Dark, disturbing, sad, and filled with anxiety. He has a dark and twisted mind that I adore. Fran The Maimed by Hremann Ungar wonderfully terrifying descent into paranoia, perversity and the power of abuse. Karl Fanta, a friend of Polzer’s childhood, rich, cynical and invalid, and Sonntag, his nurse, an exalted religious and an old slaughterer, settled in Klara Porges’ house.

How he notices that Karl’s innocent son Franz muitlados as his father used to.

An infusion of oppression and desperation leads us from page to page, hoping that relief is soon to be found. Per chi fosse interessato all’autore, in rete ho trovato questo articolo su Hermann Ungar: I couldn’t put this book down. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What adds to this tragedy, are the eerily exquisite drawings by Pavel Rut.

It is extremely well rendered. I’m pretty sure the attendant killed the landlady, but he doesn’t defend himself because he doesn’t know how to act with other HUmans. Although he always remained outside the circle of oos writers who at that time dominated the Prague scene Max Brod, Franz Kafka and Franz Werfel, among othersthere may be some concomitance between the work of Ungar and the one of the authors of the circle, especially the one of Kafka, as far as the parabolic style of its narrations and the description of the individual like victim of its own fears is concerned.

To have a protagonist yermann is a man who is basically sexually abused by women throughout his life, with oblique This book is crazy, mutiladls, and strange.


Los mutilados / The Maimed : Hermann Ungar :

Her arm was around his shoulders. For example, an attendant named Sonntag is hired to take care of Karl.

No, nuestra sociedad no tiene sentido. Even the moments of exposition are beautifully done. Mother thinks you could help us. There is one scene where the narration leaves Hegmann which was jarring, but good for the progress of the story. After losing his mother and being repeatedly beaten at the hands of his father while his aunt held him down, Franz becomes a unar and withdrawn fellow fearing most everything and everyone.

This book has a deep sense of helplessness and sexual and social humiliation, it’s queasily gross at times and by the end almost jutilados character seems to have gone insane.

He consistently obsesses over her fat and the part in her black hair that reminds him of his aunt. Abuse begets abuse and it was never more true than in this twisted and tragic tale of Franz Polzer.

But the idea was too powerful and immediate for him to dispel it. The breasts beneath her loose blouse were already touching his body. Franz Polzer, a pitiable, wretched man, lives out his ordinary days in solitude and poverty But what do I know? Like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory only more so. I don’t like to be bludgeoned with character motivations, and Ungar is so subtle in this work, it’s terrifying.