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mm howitzers and dealing with target acquisition systems. “In terms of other howitzers, MA2 Lightweight mm Howitzer that the Marine Corps is using to replace its old M .. The technical benefits coming out of one Army. The M howitzer is a towed mm artillery piece. It succeeded the M howitzer in the . In March , Marines and four MA2 howitzers from the 26th in the form of the M Excalibur and XM Precision Guidance Kit. detail, see the appropriate weapon technical manual. self-propelled howitzers and a second platoon of 3 MA2 towed howitzers. 2.

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Army engineers work to create a new longer M mm howitzer under the name MER.

M777 howitzer

Posts – 2 loner In early these were deployed by Canada to Afghanistan in support of operation Archer. Retrieved 6 October Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

Retrieved 27 January Australian Department of Defence. The initial purchase is for 12 units, which may be raised to 25 units. This howitzet a maximum range of 40 km and is accurate to 10 m.

TM 9-1025-215-10 M777 Howitzer Operator’s Manual

Archived from the original on 1 April The US Army is expected to take delivery of systems and the US Marine Corpsas the replacement for the current in-service and teechnical heavier mm M towed howitzer. Five hundred and eighty systems will be supplied to the Marines, and to the U. Jul Jul Archived from the original PDF on 15 September The first deliveries of MA2 began in howitzwr Retrieved 9 March In Maythe U.


These have underwent an extensive series of tests in the US during which more than 10, rounds of ammunition have been fired. Retrieved 13 May Accessed 27 March The construction of the M m7777a2 extensive use of titanium and titanium castings, enabling a weight reduction of 3,kg 7,lb compared to the M howitzer which it 7m77a2 in the US Army and USMC inventory. This marked the longest operational shot in the history of the M howitzer, and the longest operational artillery shot in history for the Marine Corps.

Archived from the original on 12 October The howitzer can be towed by an air-braked 4×4 vehicle greater than 2. May May This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat M in Logar ProvinceAfghanistan.

Mounted on either side of the body is a hydrogas suspension unit fitted with stub axle and aluminium rimmed road wheels. United States Marine Corps portal. The US Army was fully briefed on the system and agreed that if the company built a prototype of the system with its own money it would carry out a complete evaluation of the system.

Retrieved 21 December Prime contract management is based in Barrow-in-Furness in the United Kingdom as well as manufacture and assembly of the titanium structures and associated recoil components.

Retrieved from ” https: Since then an additional six weapons have been supplied which brings the total up to ZPT99 Fire support vehicle.


Army Publishing Directorate

Howktzer Tanks No Thanks: More Foxhound vehicles for British Army Amphibious trials were carried out successfully at Little Creek. A small hydraulic hand pump is installed at each wheel station to raise and lower the system into and out of action.

In Septemberthe main board gave approval to build two prototypes of the system, which is today called the mm Lightweight Howitzer. Retrieved 30 May Adunok-M Robot, Unmanned Vehicle. BAE Systems Land Systems is considering future options, which could include a flick technicap, but the aim for the present is to keep the weapon as simple as possible.

The mm M Howitzer is the core strategic artillery system of the future, soon to become the NATO techbical weapon in its class.

It can be internally transported in a number of transport aircraft including the C, C, C-5 and C Transall. BAE Systems Land Systems has proposed a complete family of mm weapons based on the M, as well as the mm M with 39 calibre barrel now in production in the US. The Saudis have purchased HMMWV vehicles to tow the guns, howutzer inconsistent ] haul ammunition, and carry the crews and their gear.

Canadian soldiers fire an M at Taliban fighting positions from a forward operating base in the Helmand Province.

M Portee System Self-propelled howitzer.