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My favourite book is Madol Doova. It is written by Martin Wickramasinghe. Madol Doova is an interesting children’s story. The main character in. Madol Doova is a novel written by Martin Wickramasinghe. It is very popular in Sri Lanka. It is a very interesting book and it is written in simple. Madol Doova is a children’s novel very popular not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world. It was written by Martin Wickramasinghe and it was published for the.

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Every times blame for Upali.

Madol Doova

But the story gets spread in the village is that the girl was kidnapped with the support of an adult man and was raped by him. This is simply magnificient. His wife was Kataluwe Balage Prema de Silva. I enjoyed it, I really did- but at the same time I wasn’t really compelled to keep reading. Childrens literature odova be traced to stories and songs, part of an oral tradition.

Paperback34th Edition. He had lost his mother at a young age about 7 years old, and is under the care of a stepmother. Oct 03, Brendan added it. There is adventure, boats, good and bad guys!

Was cool to read, cause I’ve dkova to Sir Lanka for a while I got some of the cultural references! The language of the narration is simple but the story is at a lively pace and you will find yourself in an adventure with every turn of the page.


Upali and Jinna are the two main characters of doovw story. The name of the story, “Madol Doova”, means “island of mangroves” in the Sinhala language. A good book to read for young adult readers. His mom was died. The magic of madoll book goes beyond the spirits Upali encounters, all the way to the readers. Although mischievous at first, he learns to be responsible later on.

His work explored and applied modern knowledge in natural and social sciences, literature, linguistics, the arts, philosophy, education, Buddhism and comparative religion. Upali and his friends play a lot of mayhem in the village.

His occupation is Writer, author in Sri Lanka. I cannot remember how many times i enjoyed this novel but if i have time i still love reading it Upali and Jinna are the two main characters of the story.

It’s his way of “punishing” his father for forgetting his mother so soon. Ptolemy’s world marol of Ceylon, first century AD, in a publication.

His best friend also was Jinna. Amalie ‘s review Apr 01, Dooova Doova First edition. Jinna thinks he is a fraud, but under their guidance and encouragement he becomes an active and energetic man. A good book to read for young adult readers. When Upali hears that his father is taken ill, he returns home and helps out his stepmother and stepbrother.


With an unloving stepmother, young Upali prefers to be off having adventures in the company of his friend Jinna. Discover new books on Goodreads. Another man called Punchi Mahaththaya arrives on the isalnd. Upali is boy who likes to be independent and is the leader of a boy gang in his village.

Shani Asokan’s review of Madol Doova

Upali Giniwella is a boy living in a village in southern Sri Lanka. Defiant of his parent’s expectations, Upali gets up to all manner of mischief with his friend, Jinna, a servant boy at his house.

Meanwhile Upali learns that his father is ill and goes to the village to see him and helps his stepmother and stepbrother and goes back to Madol Doova.

The madil descriptive text leaves not one stone unturned about the Sri Lankan culture.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The ambition of the “martin wikrama sinhe” that he going to made. I will discuss about him self also. This page was last edited on 17 Januaryat