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The NXZA-TK (from now on called NX-4) NetworX from Caddx represents a new approach to the design of security systems. The NX-4 is probably the most. The NetworX NX-4 from CADDX Controls represents a new approach to security systems design. Drawing on our experience in the world market as the largest. Click the photo of your keypad or choose from the list below. CADDX Manuals. CADDX NX E User Manual (PDF, MB) ยท CADDX NX E User Manual.

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Programming the LED Keypads Drawing on our experience in the world market as the largest exporter of USA manufactured controls, CADDX has developed cwddx most flexible, durable, and user-friendly control ever seen in our industry. The NetworX design allows a fully loaded system to be housed in one single metal enclosure, establishing for the first time, a logical solution and design response to modular systems.

A maximum of keypads and other module excluding hardwire can be added to expand the capabilities of the NX- unit. These wireless devices are only UL listed for residential applications. The maximum number of zones available is regardless of devices added. Information regarding Zone Doubling is located on page.

The NX- control panel will send an Expander Trouble once each hour if it senses that no devices have been enrolled.

This report will show Expander Trouble – device zero 0. Refer to the diagram on the right. Inside the can, there are four slots for board insertion, two on the top and two on the bottom of the can. These allow the PC board to be positioned vertically as shown in the diagram. When you slide the board between the grooves of the slots, make sure the terminal strip is toward the front for wire connections.

During this delay time, the “Cancel” LED will flash. To abort the report, type in a code and press the [Cancel] key. The LED will extinguish. If the report is not aborted within the allotted time, the LED will extinguish when the report is sent. It can also be programmed to sound the keypad immediately upon detection of the condition.

All codes must have the same number of digits. The factory default for User is []-[]-[]-[] when using a -digit code, or []-[]- []-[]-[]-[] for a -digit code.

At that time, the keypad will beep for 0 seconds before the panel arms. The arming process will be stopped if a code is entered on the keypad.

The NX- will attempt to arm after every minutes of inactivity until the next time loc. The -minute timer will be extended when there is activity in the building causing the “Ready” LED to turn off and on. If closing reports are sent, the user code will be 9. For UL installations, this feature shall be disabled. Entry delay zones can also be made instant. See the terminal description on page and locations -0, pages Auxiliary Power Over-current The NX- will illuminate the “Service” LED on the keypad whenever too much current is drawn from any device powered by the system.

This condition can be reported to the central station. Power down the system to clear. These terminals can be enabled or disabled in programming. When desired, this built-in driver can be easily converted to a amp voltage output through programming. Once the [Cancel] key is pressed, the “Cancel” LED will illuminate until the central station acknowledges the “Cancel” report.


The default configuration groups Zone Types are listed on page.

Need help adding a entry/exit delay to zone

The NX- can also be programmed to report an alarm after two or more xn4 on the same zone. The NX- can also be programmed to perform a missing battery test every seconds. When mamual with the Instant light on, the opening of any zones designated as “Entry Guard zone” will initiate the keypad sounder and start the entry delay before creating an alarm. All other zones will function as normal. This arming mode will encourage system owners to use their system more frequently when the premise is occupied.

This report will be sent along with the user number that armed the system, if the panel is not disarmed before the entry delay expires. The alarm report will also be sent. This condition will illuminate the “Service” LED on the keypad even if not reported. The keypads are considered expanders. The number of the expansion devices reported can be found on page.

If enabled, when the next report is successfully communicated, a Fail to Communicate code will be reported. This feature shall not be programmed into the control unit. Under this condition, if a force armable zone is not secure, the “Ready” LED will flash.

At the end of the exit delay, these zones will become bypassed. If these zones become secured any time during the arming cycle, they will be unbypassed and active in the system. If “Bypass Report” is enabled, the force arming zones can be programmed to report bypass when they are Force Armed defaultor to not report bypass even if “Bypass Report” is enabled.

Group Bypass A designated group of zones can be programmed to bypass by pressing [Bypass]- [0]-[Bypass]- [Bypass] prior to arming. Immediate Restore By Zone The NX- can be programmed to send alarm and restore reports as soon as they occur, or wait until the siren time has expired. These events can later be viewed through downloading or on the LCD keypad. All reportable events report to the log. Keypad Activated Panics The NX- has three keypad activated panics that will send reports to the central station: Auxiliary will activate the steady Fire siren, Auxiliary will sound the keypad, and the Keypad Panic can be programmed to be silent or audible sound siren.

The user number that armed the system will also be sent. It can also give one blast for wireless arming and two blasts for wireless disarming. The exit delay can also be silenced permanently. A report can also be sent when a download session ends. When a zone is tripped, the alarm counter reflects in memory. If a new first alarm is detected in a different zone, the counter remains at. If an alarm is detected on a previously tripped zone, the count increments to.

The counter will increment each time an alarm is detected on a zone with multiple trips. Bypassing will occur on the zone that causes the count to equal the number programmed in location ; the counter will reset to zero 0 ; and begin a new trip count where the next alarm will set the counter to.


If immediate restore is enabled in location, the alarms and restores, if enabled will be sent as they occur. If immediate restore is not enabled, a second or subsequent alarm will not be sent until the siren times out.

Otherwise, the Fire Siren will be temporal. Two Call Answering Machine Defeat If enabled, to defeat an answering machine, two telephone calls must be made to the premises. On the first call, let the phone ring one or two times. The control panel will detect these rings and start a -second timer, during which, the control panel will answer the next call on the first ring.

This is not recommended for commercial applications. Each time a zone is faulted, the zone light on the LED keypad will illuminate and the chime will sound. The number of the faulted zone s will be displayed on the LCD keypad. It will also be entered into alarm memory and the internal log.

To exit at any time during this mode, enter a user code. Otherwise, the AWalk-Test will automatically exit after minutes.

SOLVED: Hi, i’m using the Caddx NX4V2, the fire light – Fixya

The “Service” LED will illuminate when either condition exists. Additional devices can include wireless receivers, extra keypads, etc. If enabled, this feature allows you to use the four zones on the panel as eight normally closed zones. When this feature is used, European double E. If one of the eight zones must be a nz4 zone, it must be one of Zones. The corresponding upper zone will become unavailable. For example, if Zone is a fire zone, then Zone will not be available.

The address of the keypad is important because this is how the panel supervises the keypads. The factory default for the Master code is []-[]-[]-[] when using a -digit code or []-[]-[]-[]-[]-[] for a -digit code.

Caddx NX-4 v1 Program Sheet

The factory default for the “Go To Program” code is [9]-[]-[]-[] for a -digit code or [9]-[]-[]-[]-[0]-[0] for a -digit code. Enter [r]-[9]-[] [program code]. The “Service” LED will nx44.

Enable Ding Dong sound for Chime – If off, chime will be a single tone.

See location 0, page Enable Keypress Silence option – silences the pulsing keypad sounder for seconds when a key is pressed Enable Armed Status Suppression – will not allow the keypad to display faulted or bypassed zones when the system is armed Enable Panic, Fire, Medical Beeptone – will sound a short beep to verify that the keypress was accepted Suppresses the “Service” LED – will not allow the “Service” LED to illuminate for mamual reason. If there is a system trouble, pressing [r]-[] will still show the service menu.

Enter the keypad number The keypad will automatically exit this mode at this time. Press [ ] to save and exit. Enter [month 0’s digit]. Enter [month ‘s digit].

Enter [day 0’s digit]. Enter [day ‘s digit].