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DownloadManual compex mi sport pdf. Get file I don t understand why people argue about the fact that Windows Phones most of the time are underpowered. Mi-Sport. Marque: COMPEX. Disponible sur Expédié sous 24h. Performance, mi-Theta , mi-Theta , Rehab , Runner, Fit. Sport. . manual (show as PDF); 1 User guide for electrode placement (show as PDF). Cables for the Compex electro stimulators built after July mi-Sport, mi- Fitness, Performance, mi-Theta , mi-Theta , Rehab , Runner, Fit. Sport.

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The ideal preparation for using the other Fitness category programmes Aesthetic Muscle firming: Analgesic current specifically adapted to persistent low back pain lumbar region Lumbago: To combat occasional swelling of the feet and ankles As a supplement to pressure therapy or manual lymphatic drainage Do not use without medical advice in coompex of oedemas that are the side effect of a pathological problem Heavy legs: For competitive athletes practising a discipline that requires strength and speed Stretching: For all athletes who wish to maintain or improve their muscular elasticity To be used after all training sessions or during a specific stretching session Fitness Aerobic: In stock, start today.


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Compex mi-Sport User Manual

The “massage” category includes 3 new programs. Your comments will be published within one week. To contrast effectively sensations of fatigue and localised heaviness Toning massage: Compex Compex SP 8.

All acute or chronic localized pain Thoracic back pain: Combination of voluntary dynamic eccentric mi-spogt with weights and electrically induced contractions Endurance: Features The stimulator A battery charger One set of electrode cables blue, green, yellow, red Electrodes: Your place of residence. Maintenance promotions New Products. The LCD screen with backlighting is easier to read at all times.

Compex mi-Sport User Manual | pages

For athletes practising a discipline in which explosive strength is an important factor in performance Fartlek: Set of 4 cables for MI-Sport To be used when the firming phase is finished Vascular Capillarization: Northwave Notubes – o. Delivery tomorrow at home before 1.

From the onset of rehabilitation for non-atrophied muscles. By continuing your visit to our site you agree to receive our cookies.


Mi Sport 500 + 29€ (coupon)

To be used to begin with in order to tone up and prepare the muscles before more intensive firming work Shaping: Heart Rate Monitor Wireless Computers. Analgesic current specifically adapted to persistent pain in the elbow Low back pain: Cramp mainly affects muscles of the lower limbs, in particular the calf muscles.

To combat chronic muscular pain Epicondylitis: Combination of voluntary dynamic concentric contractions with weights and electrically induced contractions Eccentric: In stock, start today In the period before competition, for those participating in endurance or resistance sports As a supplement to a programme in the AESTHETIC category To improve endurance in those whose fitness level is not high Cramp prevention: To improve the musculature in general strenght, volume, tone. To combat recent and localized muscular pain Endorphinic: Compex Compex SP 4.