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Manual de stiinta politica internationala»»». Klingerman, Hans-Dieter Goodin, Robert E. Kantor, Irina Ana Stanus, Ileana Cristina Careja, Romana Nemes. Robert E. GOODIN, Hans-Dieter KLINGEMANN (coord.), Manual de ştiinţă politică, trad. de Irina Ana Kantor et al., Polirom, Iaşi, Pierre MANENT, O. Conclusions for the course on Romanian politica system. Robert E. Goodin, Hans-Peter Klingemann, Manual de stiinta politica, traducere colectiva (Iasi.

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The European Union Readings: Administrative and organization details and dealing with the exceptional situations: The focus on both the historical and comparative approach is meant to help the students acquire the necessary tools when tackling the other disciplines of the curriculum, and to relate the knowledge acquired to the other courses of the curriculum. The role and relevance of political philosophy.


A Comparative Introduction New York: Students who fail to obtain credits do not qualify for the attempt to obtain better grades in gokdin or in other sessions. April 13 — 17.

Readings in Contemporary Political Sociology. Chicago poitica London Positivism and its influence on the development of the political science. Palgrave MacMillan,7th edition revised and updated. Presses universitaires de France Seminar: The Oligarchical Tendencies of Sitinta. Without the fulfillment of these requirements, the students cannot get a final grade and cannot enter the final examination.


Neomarxism — Hegemony and power in Antonio Gramsci. Students with more than 6 absences during the semester will not receive in the end credits, and they have to repeat the course in the next year. Realism and axiological neutrality. The evaluation will be based on debates and in-class discussions, homeworks and in-class essays, individual and group presentations.

May 18 — 22, O cronologie a evenimentelor, decembrie decembrie Bucuresti: Globalization, Politics and Power. Absence at the test and the failure to deliver the papers at the deadlines announced before means no credits.

Citizenship; nations and nationalism Readings: Presses universitaires de France Michael Walzer. March 2 — 7, Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century London and: The John Hopkins University Press. The final grade will be calculated as follows: The University of Oklahoma Press, The rules of the evaluation are the same polifica all the examinations. The elections and the third turnover.


The status of minorities in post-communist Romania from religious and ethnic minorities to sexual minorities. Gaetano Mosca, The Rulling Class.


The University of Chicago Press. The major aim of the class is to define political science and its conceptual framework, by outlining its interpretative ability. Requirements and evaluation The students must: Monitorul Oficial vezi colectia de Horariri ale Guvernului Romaniei si alte acte normative.

Students are expected to read recommended books or any other texts that would be helpful in their research on Romanian political system. The Romanian Constitution Presentation of the course evaluation forms. Politics and the Architecture of Choice. The notion of plagiarism is defined according to the norms of Political Science department, described at: Candidate, teaching assistant Contact Information e-mail, telephone: The basic idea of the course is to identify the relation, link and interdependency between theoretical perspective, the reflection on politics as a human activity, and the political action as such.

Attend at least 6 classes and actively participate in class discussions Write a mid-term paper duration: Hunger, Poverty, and Economic Development.